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We at C-Lou Kennels in Millersburg, Indiana are dedicated to provide excellent pets to families that will love and care for them. With careful research we have chosen 2 different breeds. We chose our dogs for health, character & conformation. The West Highland White Terrier, and the Havanese. All my dogs are non shedding and are usually good for people with allergys.

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is a big dog in a small package. They have a strong desire to please. My westies tend to be short legged & blocky in body with short ears & tail. Non shedding. The parents do not have any allergys.


The Havanese are a small lap dog.  They grow long hair.  When kept in a puppy cut don’t require a lot of grooming.  Non shedding. They are quite playful.  My Havanese  probably average 10 lbs.

Past Puppies


Would buy from again!

We bought a pup (havanese) from this breeder a year ago and our Zoey is so loving! We couldn't ask for a better dog! She listens, did not have due claws and that was huge for us since we have an older one with them, potty training was way easier. I can tell the people who raised them spent time with them and really cared for them and about them a lot! Wonderful experience all around!


Havanese puppy

I bought a Havanese puppy from them they are awesome people, they give you a small blanket dog food to sartorial you offor and a folder of full of information that helps you with you new little one. If you have questions they answer you. My puppy is 15 weeks old and she is certified as a service dog for depression and anxiety and diabetes plus she is taking more courses they're very smart dogs.Thank you so much for everything



I have had dogs my entire live, and this is our 2nd Wheaten. Our new boy Murphy will celebrating his 2nd birthday in April. He came from cloukennels. He is wonderful addition to our family. No health issues and a great personality. Thanks for a great dog.


A Great Havanese Breeder!

My husband and I adopted Clay, now Sampson, from Betty and John just over a week ago at 8 weeks old. We were highly impressed with how they care for their litters and of course pets of their own! Sampson is happy, healthy, and full of energy! He received a clean bill of health from our own vet and is playing with our 4 year old Havanese and loves to cuddle with his other 80lb. brother as well. Sampson could not be more gorgeous and we are so happy we found Betty! She will give you all of the information you need to care for your puppy once you bring him/her home. We are highly recommending her to all of our family and friends!

Jeff & Kelly

A Wonderful Puppy!

We purchased a wheaten terrier from Betty. She was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. When we went to pick up our puppy, they were very clean and well socialized. He is very healthy and happy. Our little Louie is a good puppy and was already familiar with going potty on the grass. They are raised on a beautiful farm and the parents have lots of areas to run . Thanks Betty for a great addition to our family!


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